Help Wanted

Yes I need help!  Come and help contribute to a great project.  Make a contribution by helping out with your time and/or skills.  The following openings are available.


You'll be responsible for helping out on core development.  Should be familar with some or all of the following tools/technologies

Desireable skills

UI Desginer

The UI could use alot of work on this tool.  The icons are terrible and don't exactly reflect their purpose.  For those interested I'm considering doing a complete rewrite of the whole UI for the tool.  Now is the time to get involved at the ground floor!

Web Designer

Yes I obviously do have a website running but I'm interested in doing alot more with it.  Much more than what my basic web site skills can offer.  If you're interested please don't hesitate to contact me.

For anyone interested please drop me a line.

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