Who are you?

    I'm Rob Segal a software developer working at 3DNA Corp in Toronto, Canada.  I have a great passion for developing software and I look forward to hearing from you!  Send me your thoughts on whatever you find while browsing this site.

What is this thing?

     The install script generator is an application I created while working at 3DNA (www.3dna.net).  It was created to solve a specific problem we were having creating installers but I have found it may be useful for others and so set it up as an open source project on SourceForge in June 2004.  

     For some months in 2003 I was being required to generate several installers during the day for distribution to clients and for testing internally.  Each installer contained it's own unique combination of files and registry keys.  Previously we had been making use of WISE for this purpose.  That had worked well enough for a number of months but it wasn't perfect.  It did not allow for the kind of rapid modification of files registry keys and other data necessary to be included in any given installer.  These problems would soon be complicated when we switched to using NSIS, a free open source install package creation tool.  However that switch would be the catalyst for the creation of the Install Script Generator.  NSIS didn't really solve any of the problems we had with WISE as it's simply a scripting language and does not offer an IDE in anyway although there are a number of user created IDEs which serve this purpose.  Unfortunately these IDEs did not offer the kind of features I was looking for to solve my problems.  Some of which were...

I set out to create a tool which would solve all or most of these issues and others like them.  Since I didn't have any helper monkeys handy the Install Script Generator was born.  It hasn't solved all of the above problems perfectly but it is definitely on the track to do so.  I've put it through the rounds using it to make installers for several products distributed by 3DNA which has helped iron out a lot of problems I might not otherwise have seen.  The current iteration of the Install Script Generator is definitely pretty powerful but it's not perfect, eventually I believe it will be worthy of the goal I've placed for it.

I hope you enjoy using it and if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me.

What can I do with it?

Quite a number of things actually....

Just to name a few features.

Does it only work with NSIS?

Currently yes, there is functionality built into the tool which directly ties it to the syntax of NSIS but if there is enough interest I may expand that out to cover other install packages such as WiX for MSI installers.  Email me and let me know if there is a package you would like to see included.

Enough of this talking, where can I get it?

You can download the latest version here off of SourceForge.  If you are interested in being informed of new releases and/or news about the Install Script Generator you should subscribe to some or all of the RSS feeds provided by those fine folks at SourceForge.

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